Monday, 28 August 2017

Biosensor developed by IIT team detects disorders in a few minutes

The Indian Institutes of Technology, Bombay and Indore, have jointly developed a biosensor that makes it possible to detect kidney disorders in less than eight minutes.

The biosensor can accurately measure both the pH and urea concentration with a single drop of urine. The researchers who developed it say that it will help make a point-of-care test to determine whether the kidneys are functioning normally.

For a kidney function test, doctors need an estimate of pH and urea as most kidney disorders result in reduced pH and higher concentration of urea. Available methods to detect urea require patients to undergo two tests for accuracy. In addition, there is the problem of contaminating components in urine such as calcium, chloride, ascorbic acid, sodium and potassium.

How it works

The biosensor, developed by Rashmi Chaudhari, Abhijeet Joshi, and Rohit Srivastava, can detect both and is made by encapsulating an enzyme urease and a molecule FITC-dextran in alginate microspheres. The combination glows in response to a chemical reaction with urea and changes in pH when urine is added. The fluorescence reduces when the pH is acidic and increases when it is alkaline. The changes in fluorescence intensity are measured, which helps to calculate the values of pH and urea.

Bioethanol from cotton-stalks

CSIR’s Scientists from National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (CSIR-NIIST), Thiruvananthapuram have deveed  to turn waste into wealth.

The new technique will help to produce bioethanol, a clean fuel from cotton stalk wastes. Converting the agro-residues such as cotton stalks and wheat and rice husks etc to ethanol reduces the food vs fuel competition.

India has about 9.4 million hectares under cotton cultivation and every hectare generates 2 million tonnes of cotton stalk wastes.

Five year anti-dumping duty on sodium nitrite imports from China

The Finance Ministry has imposed a five year anti-dumping duty on Sodium Nitrite imports from China

Deepak Nitrite Ltd had filed the petition, which was also supported by Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd, seeking sunset review investigations on Sodium Nitrite imports from China, sources said.There are two more producers of Sodium Nitrite in the country - National Fertilisers Ltd and Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited.
Based on the recommendations of the Designated Authority in the Commerce Ministry in its final findings of its third sunset review investigations, the revenue department has imposed definitive anti-dumping duty of $ 72.95 per tonne on Sodium Nitrite imports from China.
Sodium Nitrite is an oxidising and also a reducing agent. It is a white crystalline powder mostly used in the pharmaceutical and dye industries, lubricants, lubricants, construction chemicals, rubber blowing agent, meat processing, and textiles.

Government notifies Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act, 2017

The government has notified the Banking Regulation (Amendment) Act under which it can authorise the RBI to issue directions to banks to initiate insolvency resolution process to recover bad loans. 

The banking sector is saddled with non-performing assets (NPAs) of over Rs 8 lakh crore, of which Rs 6 lakh crore is with public sector banks (PSBs). 

Earlier this month, Parliament had approved the Act, which replaced an ordinance in this regard. 

The government in May had promulgated an ordinance authorising the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to issue directions to banks to initiate insolvency resolution process under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016. 

Following the ordinance, the RBI had identified 12 accounts each having more than Rs 5,000 crore of outstanding loans and accounting for 25 per cent of total NPAs of banks for immediate referral for resolution under the bankruptcy law. 
In Boost To Army's Fire Power, Medium Range Missile System In 3 Years

After years of wait, the Indian Army will finally get an advanced medium-range surface to air missile (MRSAM) system by 2020 which will be able to shoot down ballistic missiles, fighter jets and attack helicopters from a range of around 70 km.

The missile system will be produced by premier defence research organisation DRDO in collaboration with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a senior army official said.

The MRSAM system will be capable of shooting down enemy ballistic missiles, aircraft, helicopters, drones, surveillance aircraft and AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) aircraft, the official said on condition of anonymity as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

The current version of MRSAM is operational with the Indian Air Force and the Navy.
India's first 'Videsh Bhavan' in Mumbai

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj inaugurated the country's first Videsh Bhavan, assimilating all Regional Passport Offices and allied departments under a single roof, at the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) 

As a first pilot project, four offices of MEA -- Regional Passport Office (RPO), Protector of Emigrants (PoE) office, Branch Secretariat and Regional Office of ICCR -- have been integrated and brought to function under one roof at the state-of-art office in BKC 

The pilot project of the Videsh Bhavan in Mumbai is part of the central government's policy to bring together different offices of the MEA under a single roof and work closely with states as more and more Indians are going abroad for employment, education, business and tourism. 
ભારતીય સેનામાં એડવાન્સ મીડિયમ રેન્જ સર્ફેસ ટુ એર મિસાઈલ સામેલ કરાશે

ઈઝરાયેલની મદદથી ડીઆરડીઓનો રૃ. ૧૭ હજાર કરોડનો પ્રોજેક્ટ

ડીઆરડીઓએ બેલિસ્ટિક મિસાઈલ, ફાઈટર જેટ, હેલિકોપ્ટર અને ડ્રોનને તોડી પાડતી મિસાઈલો ડિઝાઈન કરી મીડિયમ રેન્જ મિસાઈલો ૭૦ કિલોમીટરની રેન્જમાં, ૩૬૦ ડિગ્રી અને કોઈ પણ વાતાવરણમાં ફાયર થઈ શકશે

27 ઓગસ્ટ, 2017, રવિવાર આશરે દસ વર્ષ પછી ભારતીય સેનાને એડવાન્સ મીડિયમ રેન્જ સર્ફેસ ટુ એર મિસાઈલ સિસ્ટમ આપવાનો નિર્ણય લેવાયો છે. આ મિસાઈલો સેનાને ૨૦૨૦ સુધી મળશે, જેના કારણે ભારતીય સેનાની વાયુદળની શક્તિમાં વધારો થશે. આ મિસાઈલો ૭૦ કિલોમીટરની રેન્જમાં કોઈ પણ બેલિસ્ટિક મિસાઈલ, ફાઈટર જેટને હેલિકોપ્ટરને તોડી પાડવા સક્ષમ છે.

દિલ્હીના મેડમ તુસાદ મ્યુઝિયમમાં મોદી અને અબ્દુલ કલામના પૂતળાં મૂકાશે

વડા પ્રધાન મોદી અને પૂર્વ રાષ્ટ્રપતિ એપીજે અબ્દુલ કલામ અને દેશની આઝાદીના વીર સપુતોને આવકારવા તૈયાર રહો. દિલ્હીના મેડમ તુસાડના મ્યુઝિયમમાં ઉપરોક્ત નેતાઓના પુતળા જોવા મળશે.

મ્યુઝિયમમાં મહાત્મા ગાંધીની સાથે સાથે ભગત સિંહ, સુભાષ બોઝ અને સરદાર પટેલ પણ જોવા મળશે.
સમગ્ર વિશ્વને ભારત તરફ જોવા ફરજ પાડનાર ગાંધી, પટેલ, બોઝ અને ભગત સિંહ જેવા નેતાઓની સાથે સાથે અબ્દુલ કલામ અને મોદી પણ દેખાશે.

જસ્ટીસ દિપક મિશ્રાએ 45માં ચીફ જસ્ટીસ ઓફ ઈન્ડિયા તરીકેના શપથ

જસ્ટીસ દિપક મિશ્રાએ ભારતના 45માં ચીફ જસ્ટીસ ઓફ ઈન્ડિયા  (CJI) તરીકેના શપથ લીધા હતા. રાષ્ટ્રપતિ ભવનમાં રાષ્ટ્રપતિ રામનાથ કોવિંદ અને વડાપ્રધાન નરેન્દ્ર મોદીની હાજરીમાં તેમણે ગોપનીયતાના શપથ લીધા હતા.

જસ્ટીસ દિપક મિશ્રા 14 મહિના સુધી આ પદભાર સંભાળશે, કારણ કે, ઓક્ટરબર 2018માં તેમનો કાર્યકાળ સમાપ્ત થાય છે. ભારતના 44માં ચીફ જસ્ટીસ જે એસ ખેહર 27મી ઓગસ્ટના રોજ નિવૃત્ત થયા છે.