Saturday, 13 May 2017

Invisible Laser Wall Kavach  - BSF to use, to Secure Border
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The Border Security Force (BSF) is all set to get more teeth to man the 198 km India-Pakistan international border using a newly developed technology that can detect intrusions and relay information immediately to the nearest post for action.

Developed by Delhi-based defence IT firm, CRON Systems, the made-in-India technology is called Kavach (KVx) series laser walls and is a notch higher than the existing laser walls.
“Laser walls, because of their beams, were visible. And the terrain and alignments (in the region) were a problem. We were looking for a wall that is invisible on the ground, cannot be felt, and is more effective,” said Rakesh Sharma, former inspector general of BSF’s Jammu Frontier.

“CRON Systems have come up with this intrusion detection system based on infrared array, which is invisible. It is more advanced than laser walls,” he said, adding that it can be used along the Jammu border with Pakistan which has 13 rivers and rivulets, besides unfenced marshy lands.

Kavach walls can also work in transparent water and glass, he said.

India shares nearly 3,000 km border with Pakistan, of which 198 km international border and 740 km Line of Control (LoC) falls in Jammu and Kashmir.